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Web Design and Hosting


Today’s marketplace is extremely competitive. Company’s need to be maximizing all their resources to be successful. Web based marketing is an emerging tool that companies can use to gain an edge. We offer “Web Services That Make Dollars and Sense™”!

    1. Web Site Design: Many sites are designed and constructed without a clear goal or understanding what role it is to play in the marketing of a company, brand or service
    2. Search Engine Marketing: Design and install and manage state-of-the-art SEM campaign
    3. Site Hosting: All required hosting requirements


Web Site Design

  • Identify the need and objectives
  • Evaluate the existing site (If one exists)
  • Create an effective site map
  • Develop graphic design to leverage the corporate look
  • Create relevant content for both accuracy, user friendliness and search engine compatibility
  • Execute on time and on Budget

    Search Engine Marketing

  • Perform Key word/Phrase analysis to determine targeted pay for performance candidates
  • Deliver web site optimization to improve “natural ranking” among top search engines
  • Perform a “Link Popularity” analysis to determine most effective marketing activity taking place within your category

    Site Hosting

  • Web Site Name Registration
  • Complete range of Hosting Programs
  • Install required e-mail accounts
  • Provide monthly traffic reports

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