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Strategic Marketing


  1. Strategic Marketing & Planning… Know not only how to do things well, but know what to do well -- including planning, implementation and critical post-program evaluation/feedback
  2. Marketing Communications… State-of-the-art Web-based marketing including our proprietary Searchenginomics™ Process, Traditional advertising and direct mail, publicity, media relations, trade shows, collateral materials, newsletters
  3. Customer Retention… Monitor and analyze purchase behavior, evaluate customer service and develop targeted, purchase-based decision programs


Strategic marketing & Planning covers a broad range of applying traditional and new innovative marketing tools. An effective marketing plan is the backbone of any marketing effort. Identifying key, measurable objectives and supporting strategies provides the “roadmap” to achieve realistic goals in a timely and affordable way.

  • Our Marketing Rx Review checkup takes an objective look and what’s working and how it might work better for your business
  • Web based marketing utilizes our innovative Searchenginomics™ process that allows you to profile, target acquire and retain your corporate Internet customers
  • Traditional advertising and promotion planning and execution for B2B and consumer audiences
  • All types of collateral material support including brochures, direct mail pieces, promotion signage/banners
  • Place your company into effective trade show participation from planning, set-up and take own
  • All facets of special event execution including business/sales meetings, mall marketing, stock holder meetings and employee morale building programs



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