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Introducing Searchenginomics ™

NEW! Search Engine Economics (SEE) process based on the principles of relevance and communications; created within the disciplines of research, marketing, design, economics and technology – allowing us to adapt and employ communication strategies based on dynamic changes within the targeted customers sphere of influence. This process promotes effective customer retention and acquisition of profitable new customers – resulting in increased cash flow and enhanced long-term asset value for our clients.

QUESTION: Can you get more visitors to my web site?

Yes! Absolutely, positively, without any doubt, we can guarantee an increase in your web site traffic! But what happens if…

… Visitors get to your web site and the design and / or content is not the best it needs to be, OR they can’t find what they are looking for OR they don’t know what to do when they get there?

How long would you expect a visitor to stay at your site under any of those conditions? Research shows, in today’s fast paced world of information overload and limited attention spans…about five seconds - at the most! You’ve probably had the same experience. Right? Would you say these momentary visits warrant your investment to increase your web site traffic? Does it deliver the economic value you’re really looking for? Definitely not!

Introducing Searchenginomics ™! Through our six-stage Searchenginomics ™ process we learn about your products and services, profile your target audience (‘s) and create a complete search engine marketing campaign that will maximize your ROI.

We do this by:

  • Placing a focus on your customer’s needs and search behaviors
  • Identifying what key phrases your customers will be searching for
  • Proactively marketing these phrases through customer preferred communication channels
  • Assuring visitors when they land at your web site they clearly find what they want

The results for you:

  • Effective customer retention
  • Acquisition of profitable new customers
  • Generation of increased cash flow
  • Significant enhancement of your ROI and long-term client asset value
  • All within a solid marketing plan

How can we do all this? By providing a completely new approach to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Optimization (SEO) that enhances and leverages your current marketing activities.

Searchenginomics ™, tailored to your business, attracts the best customers and keeps their attention. We populate your site with highly relevant information and we create the visual reinforcement customers want to see, combined with a compelling message and a strong call to action. This results in greater conversion rates.

Want to know more about our new and exciting Searchenginomics ™ process?

Contact us today!


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