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IMPAC SM Your Customer Conversion System

MORE! Customers - Sales - ROI

Your business will:

  • thrive with loyal customers,
  • grow from new and repeat sales,
  • succeed as a Return On Investment (ROI) is delivered on a consistent basis.

These are the results your business will achieve through IMPAC SM a Customer Conversion System (“CCS”) offered exclusively through Suncoast Marketing Partners.

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without customers a business cannot survive. The IMPAC SM Customer Conversion System has its focus on two types of customers – current and competitive.

Your current customers are being constantly barraged with competitive offers, incentives and promotions. They need to be nurtured and converted into loyal customers.

Your competitive users need to be converted into new customers through compelling campaigns, persuasive marketing, specific trial offers and effective exposure to your products and services.

Using proven marketing strategies, IMPAC SM is customized to fit your specific business needs and will enhance your existing marketing efforts. IMPAC SM utilizes

Intelligence: to research and gather valuable information to effectively identify compelling trends and indicators to drive your business success. The obtained knowledge is incorporated into the
Marketing Phase: a strategic plan that combines proven marketing systems with cutting edge search engine methodologies. This is accomplished during the
Persuasion Phase: The ability to create an image and message that builds trust with the pre-determined target audience and compels them to take the appropriate actions. Once implemented, we continually improve your system through
Analytics: - the measurement tools needed to competently analyze, define and refine the plan so we can optimize current and new customers toward increased
Conversions: - effectively retaining existing customers and acquiring profitable new customers to grow sales revenue and maximizing your ROI.

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